Why this treatment?

More than 50% of adults with a visual impairment experience severe symptoms of fatigue. Fatigue has a significant impact on daily functioning and is associated with a high cognitive load, activity intensity, coping with situations, light nuisance and difficulty seeing.


The aim of E-nergEYEze is to reduce the severity and impact of fatigue on daily functioning, social participation and work. E-nergEYEze is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and self-management and is offered via the Minddistrict internet platform under the guidance of a social worker and computer trainer. The training can be followed at your own pace on the computer, tablet or telephone, at home on self-scheduled moments.

What does the treatment involve?

E-nergEYEze consists of an introductory module and 8 modules with different themes, which addresses factors that play a role in fatigue. Each module consists of information, followed by one or more exercises. It seems contradictory to offer an activity that is strenuous for people with a visual impairment, but research shows that being active with goals can actually reduce fatigue. Results of the pilot studies are promising, with participants being positive about the training and indicating that E-nergEYEze is the right approach for their complaints.


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