Low vision research


Twenty years ago, the low vision chair was embedded as a special chair in the ophthalmology department of the VU medical center on behalf of the General Dutch Association for the Prevention of Blindness (2001-2011). This was followed by Royal Visio (2011-2021). Prof.dr. Ger van Rens, ophthalmologist, led the Low Vision Research group for 20 years. Various research lines have been developed within the chair in two decades. In general, the research focuses on improving care in the field of rehabilitation for blindness and visual impairment.

In 2021, a ‘permanent’ chair in Visual Functioning and Health will be established at the VU University, Amsterdam UMC – department of ophthalmology, and Amsterdam Public Health research institute. A huge acknowledgment for the target group, because it means that continued attention is needed in scientific research in the field of the impact of visual impairments on the daily life and health of people who have this impairment. Prof. dr. Ruth van Nispen, psychologist and epidemiologist, has led the Low Vision Research group together with Ger van Rens for many years and will continue to do so in the context of the new chair.