ICF core-set

ICF core set vision loss

The aim of this project is the development of an internationally accepted, evidence-based, reliable, and valid ICF core set for vision loss caused by irreversible eye disorders in adults and the elderly.

An ICF core set is a list of ICF categories that describe as concisely as possible the typical spectrum of problems in the functioning of people with irreversible vision loss. It includes all aspects of functioning, activities, and the external environment that need to be assessed to get the most complete picture of a person with irreversible vision loss. The items included within the core set can be useful in a clinical setting and translated into various assessment instruments, such as questionnaires, assessment systems, structured interviews, and observation scales.

For a sub-study, we want to map the opinions of healthcare experts. We do this by an online survey. Filling in the survey takes about 20 minutes of your time and consists of a few open questions.

Thank you for your time.

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