Ruth M.A. van Nispen, PhD

Ruth M.A. van Nispen, PhD


Ruth van Nispen is professor of Visual Functioning & Health and head of research at the department of Ophthalmology of Amsterdam UMC. She has a background in clinical psychology (University of Amsterdam, UvA) and epidemiology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, VU). In 2009 she obtained her doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine at the VU on the basis of her dissertation “Longitudinal measurement of the older patient’s vision-related quality of life”. In her current position, together with professor of Ophthalmology Ger van Rens, she leads postdocs, PhD students and students who carry out various projects related to the focus of the research chair. Her mission is to contribute to the quality of life of people with severe visual impairment through healthcare innovations.

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Ruth van Nispen prof. Visual Functioning & Health

As of June 1, 2021 Ruth has been appointed to the ophthalmology department of Amsterdam UMC. This new permanent chair […]