Petra Rausch-Koster, MSc

T. Petra Rausch-Koster

PhD candidate

Petra Rausch has been working as a PhD candidate at the ophthalmology department of Amsterdam University Medical Centers since 2018. She has a background in optometry and clinical epidemiology. She has worked as an optometrist in ophthalmic clinical practice for several years. In the research she is currently doing the aim is to develop a questionnaire that can be used for periodical and systematical measuring vision-related quality of life in patients with various retinal diseases. With this applied research she contributes to improving the participation and quality of life of people with a visual impairment.

What makes doing research interesting and challenging for her?

That is mainly because the research is close to the patient and that patients are really involved in the research at various moments during the project, for example in qualitative research in which interviews are conducted.

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Petra's PhD project