Manon Veldman, MD

Manon Veldman is a medical doctor who graduated from Maastricht University in 2018. She started working at the Ophthalmology department to gain practical experience. In 2019 she started her PhD research E-nergEYEze. In 2024 Manon will commence training to become an ophthalmologist at Amsterdam UMC. Her research focuses on developing and testing an E-health intervention to reduce fatigue in adults with visual impairment. This online training is aimed at improving the quality of life and optimizing the care offered by the expertise centers Koninklijke Visio and Bartiméus.

What makes doing research interesting and challenging for her?

Manon views her research as a challenge. It is very instructive and interesting to develop online training that is technically accessible to people with a visual impairment. Together with various experts in the field of visual impairment, fatigue, technology and research, she strives to optimize E-nergEYEze to become an accessible and effective eHealth training to reduce fatigue symptoms in adults with a visual impairment.

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Manon's PhD project