Katie Curro-Tafili, BSc, BA

Katie Curro-Tafili

PhD candidate

Katie Curro-Tafili is an Ophthalmic Technician and Research Coordinator at the department of Ophthalmology at Amsterdam UMC. Before coming to the Netherlands, Katie completed her Bachelor of Biochemistry (BSc) and Spanish (BA, honours) at the University of Queensland in Australia. In 2012 she began working at the department of Ophthalmology as an Ophthalmic Technician at the VUmc and a few years later took on the extra function as Research Coordinator. Katie has always had an enormous passion for scientific research. She took a great interest in operating the in vivo confocal microscope, a microscope which can scan the entire cornea to diagnose infectious keratitis, with a focus on Acanthamoeba keratitis, a serious and potentially blinding eye disease. In 2022 Katie began her PhD to investigate biomarkers in the eye to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in the preclinical stage using various ocular imaging devices.

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